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Slicehost to Rackspace Cloud Transition and Frequently Asked Questions
  • As previously communicated, all Slicehost customers will be transitioned to the Rackspace Cloud by Q4 2012. This transition will begin August 2012 and will convert your account to a Rackspace Cloud account, giving you access to the Rackspace Open Cloud.

    Prior to the start of the transition we will provide you with the detailed guidelines and process overview as well as screenshots and steps to familiarize you with the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel. We will also include additional education about other features that Rackspace Cloud offers.

    The transition is at the account level and you will move from Slicehost to Rackspace Cloud with no change to your current IP address or datacenter. You will not experience downtime associated with your Slices/Cloud Servers, unless you have a Slice size that will need to be resized. Please review the FAQs below for more details on Slice resizing.

    How difficult will the transition be?

    The Slicehost to Rackspace Cloud transition is managed via the SliceManager user interface. The self-service move to Rackspace Cloud link will appear when the window opens for customers to allow them to perform a self-service move from within SliceManager.

    What if I do not elect or cannot self-service move within the window?

    You will receive communication when your self-service move window opens. If you choose not to self-service move within your window, Rackspace will perform an assisted transition on your Slicehost account. The disadvantage of this option is that default assumptions are made for customers when transitioning the account automatically. This will include, upsizing of intermediate slice flavors to the next available size as well as auto-generated administrator usernames and passwords. Additionally, primary and billing contact details along with payment information will be transferred without customer input.

    What features will we get, and which features will we lose?
Your existing Slice and a Rackspace Cloud Server instance work mostly the same way and have very similar functionality. By transitioning to a Rackspace Cloud account you be able to take full advantage of the Rackspace Cloud product portfolio, which includes products such as Rackspace Cloud Databases, Cloud Load Balancers and Cloud Monitoring.

    Here are a couple changes that you will see:

    • Rackspace Cloud Servers does not offer 384MB, 768MB, 1.5GB, and 3GB Slice sizes. If you currently have those Slice sizes you will need to resize during your transition process. If your account goes through our assisted move process we will automatically move your Slice to the next available size (ex. 384MB will become 512MB). If you choose to perform a self-service move, you will have the option to resize those Slice flavors during the transition process. If you experience any problems with resizing you can log into SliceChat for 24x7x365 support.

    • DNS management will be changed. You will not have the option to enable/disable DNS zones, make copies of existing DNS zones and enable/disable DNS records. All DNS zones and records that are disabled in the SliceManager control panel will be removed on August 10th, 2012 in preparation for the move. If any DNS zones and/or records need to be kept and migrated to the Rackspace Cloud, they will need to be re-enabled within SliceManger before August 10th, 2012. Additionally, any invalid zones and/or records that remain after this time, will be removed from our name servers.
    • Slicehost customers’ backups are stored locally. Rackspace Image Backups are independent of your slice and will remain even if your Slice is deleted. Rackspace Cloud Servers includes both Scheduled and On-Demand image backups.  Scheduled backups frequency includes 1 daily and 1 weekly, but you can have as many On-Demand backups as you would like.   Backups are an optional service that will incur storage charges on Cloud Files, which differs from Slicehost today which charges a flat fee based on size of slice.  To learn more, check out the following Knowledge Center article here.

    • As an alternative to group chat, you will have the ability to initiate a 1X1 chat as well as access to phone support on the Rackspace Cloud. A ticket can also be submitted at any time via the Rackspace Control Panel. Rackspace Cloud support is available 24x7x365.

    • A new management interface and ticketing system.

    • Billing for the Rackspace Cloud is based on your new Rackspace anniversary date (account creation date). Invoice will be based on Slice size and usage. See the additional FAQs on pricing and billing.

    Will my Slices experience downtime?

    Only intermediate Slices (384MB, 768MB, 1.5GB, and 3GB) that will need to be resized will experience downtime associated with the resize process.

    Are you increasing prices?

    In most instances, the expected monthly cost may be slightly lower than your current pricing (depending on bandwidth usage). The table below shows the current Slicehost instance compared to the equivalent Cloud Servers instance and the associated costs for each. This calculator will provide an easy way to determine costs based on your specific bandwidth needs.

    Slicehost Sizes and Costs
256MB $20/month
384MB $25/month

    512MB $38/month 

    768MB $49/month 

    1GB $70/month 

    1.5GB $100/month
2GB $130/month 

    3GB $190/month 

    4GB $250/month
8GB $450/month

    15.5GB $800/month


Rackspace Cloud Server Sizes and Costs*
    256MB $.015/hour ($10.95/month)
    512MB $.03/hour ($21.90/month)
    1GB $.06/hour ($43.80/month)
    2GB $.12/hour ($87.60/month)
    4GB $.24/hour ($175.20/month)
    8GB $.48/hour ($350.40/month)
    15.5GB $.96/hour ($700.80/month)

    *Additional fees associated with outgoing bandwidth are $.18/G and Backups are an optional service that incur additional charges.

    In connection with the change of billing system, customers who are located in Texas will begin to see sales tax on their invoices at the rate of 6.6%. The Texas Comptroller’s office considers our hosting services to be taxable as Data Processing. Now that Rackspace will be collecting sales tax, you will no longer be required to remit use tax in Texas for these services. If you are exempt from paying sales tax, please submit a valid Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale or Exemption Certificate through the Rackspace Cloud Control ticketing system to ensure that sales tax will not be charged on your invoice.

    In addition, if you are located within the 27 European Union member countries will see Value Added Tax (“VAT”) on you invoice at the rate of 20% in accordance with the VAT rules established by the EU for electronically supplied services. You will have the option to input the VAT registration number during the self-service move or within the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel after your transition has been completed.

    What will happen to my Slicehost account payment balance?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to carry over any existing balance you may have on your Slicehost account to your Rackspace Cloud account. You will need to pay your balance as a separate bill.

    Within the self or assisted transition process, a final Slicehost invoice will be generated and a new billing cycle under the Rackspace Cloud system will be created. Existing payment balances on Slicehost will not be transferred to the Rackspace Cloud system. If you have a credit balance we will attempt to credit a refund to your current credit card or issue you a check (please ensure you have an up to date mailing address associated with your account).

  • How will my billing change?

    Rackspace Cloud will invoice you monthly in arrears on your account balance anniversary date based on your usage for that billing cycle. Server usage and bandwidth will be invoiced separately for each server in use during your billing cycle. There is currently no opportunity for prepayments or payments on account. Your invoice payment will be deducted at the time the invoice is generated.

    Will my slices have to move to another datacenter?

    No. All Slicehost slices currently reside in Rackspace owned datacenters and your slices will not move across datacenters during the Slicehost account transition process to the Rackspace Cloud.

    What happens to my backup/s when my account is transitioned?

    Your Slice backups will be transitioned with your account and will be stored in Cloud Files, which will incur storage fees. Cloud Files Pricing Page
    Note: To avoid additional storage fees you will need to delete all backups associated with your account.

    Will you be offering new images?

    Yes. Rackspace Cloud Servers continues to expand our portfolio of Cloud Server images. We continually listen to our customers. Please see our Rackspace tech page to see what available operating systems we offer:

What are the plans for the Slicehost API?

    After your transition to the Rackspace Cloud, you will need to begin utilizing the Rackspace API endpoint, as the Slicehost API will no longer work after the transition. This is an important point for customers to perform a self-service move especially if the Slicehost API endpoints were being utilized. As soon the account has been migrated to the Rackspace Cloud, the new Rackspace API endpoint can be retrieved from within the Rackspace Cloud control panel.

    Will I need to transition another time to be part of Next Generation Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack?

    Yes. The next generation Cloud Servers powered by Open Stack is the future of the cloud. They provide a higher level of stability & scalability and are built on open technology. OpenStack based servers are currently in Limited Availability. If you are interested, you can sign up here. Eventually, all Cloud Servers will be converted to an OpenStack powered server. We are working on a conversion process that is seamless and results in minimum impact to you and your servers. You will receive more information in the future.

    Will I need to change my DNS name servers from ns* to Rackspace DNS name servers?

    No. Rackspace will keep the Slicehost name servers host names in existence. The IP addresses assigned to the Slicehost name servers will be changed on August 10th, 2012. For Slicehost brand customers who do DNS white labeling or have DNS vanity, pointing to Slicehost name server IP addresses, they will need to update their configurations to point directly to the Slicehost name server host names.  After the transition, customers can reconfigure to point to the IP addresses of the Slicehost name server IP addresses.  The name server IP address will have changed and will resolve to Rackspace's DNS name servers.